I have had the back of my neck treated by Dr Han with laser hair removal. My hair is short and my hairline was not compatible with my hairstyle . I had to shave the area every few days, irritating my skin. Now I don't have to worry about it. There is no discomfort at all when I get a treatment. 
— PH

I just moved here from Virginia and was very pleased to find that RemedyMed Spa carried the Dermesse Products. I have been using them for years and will continue with my rejuvenating skincare line thanks to RemedyMed Spa.
New Client from the upstate

I love Remedy Med Spa, the staff is professional caring and helpful. When I was looking for foundation Lisa, took the time, and made sure that I was match up perfect. Remedy Med Spa cares about beauty inside and out.
Serita Acker

I was nervous and confused about what to do with my skin. My sisters and I RSVP for RemedyMed Spa's Open House and were very surprised with the answers, solutions, and attention we received! I've had injections done in the past and I now know the difference in an advanced injector like Dr. Han compared to others.

I have fought acne throughout the years and as a guy it was hard for me to want to go to the doctor and use all the different acne products. I heard of Dr. Han and decided to give her office a try. It was just as I had heard, private, professional, and her treatments were customized to meet my skin's needs. Dr. Han has worked with me over the past few months and my results are amazing! I finally beat the acne with her help

I love the staff at RemedyMed Spa. I'm a loyal client for facials, fillers, endermology, massage, and hair! My life is go go go and it is wonderful to be able to make an appointment for a day to have everything done in one place. Thank you, RemedyMed Spa, for making "Me Time" easy and relaxing.

Dr. Han and I discussed a series of 3 Fractionated CO2 treatments. The first treatment on Monday, I tolerated without any numbing cream and there was no down time. My face was a glowing pink but easily covered with makeup on Tuesday morning. When we scheduled the second treatment, I wanted to be more aggressive. We used the numbing cream and I was aware there would be down time. (I felt just a tingle when the laser was being used. No discomfort at all.) There was some pinpoint bleeding after I got home but Dr. Han reassured me this was normal and to be expected. My treatment was on Monday and by Friday makeup easily covered the rosy color. Ten days after the treatment gives one a good idea of the finished product - smoother skin with a more even skin tone. The third treatment we again were as aggressive (with numbing cream) as the second. This time I was expecting the same bleeding and the same amount of down time. I was pleasantly surprised. There were only 2 or 3 specks of blood and I was able to wear makeup by Thursday. I am pleased with the results I am seeing now ... smoother skin, applying makeup is easier, and skin discolorations are gone. Also, results will continue for the next few months!

— DJ W

I was looking forward to my first treatment with Dr. Han. I had no particular expectations other than looking a little fresher in general. The results far exceeded my expectations. The procedure begins with an application of a numbing cream, after 30 minutes the Laser begins. the pain level was minimal for me, although my neck was bit more sensitive. I had no pain or swelling after. My skin was quite dry and soaked up the moisturizer. Down time was 2 days of redness followed by 5 days of a tanned look. Within a week I was noticing tightening around my eyes, cheeks, lips and chin. So were others. The second treatment was more aggressive. The pain level was approximately the same, but I did have swelling around my eyes, nose, and mouth quite a bit of redness and a fair amount of itching. My swelling subsided over 2-3 days. The redness and swelling were completely gone within 1 week. The results are far beyond my expectations. My skin definitely more toned, smooth, and full around my eyes, lips, and cheeks with the biggest surprise being my neck and chin. The wrinkles and fullness under the chin are greatly improved. I am so happy! I really didn't expect such a change. Thank you Dr. Han. 

— Jan

I have pretty good skin but the pore size of my nose really bothered me and I've tried everything. I could tell with my first laser treatment that there was a big difference. There wasn't much downtime. The second treatment was painless with numbing cream and my nose felt like sandpaper but looked okay to go to work the next day. I could tell even a bigger difference. I am looking forward to having the 3rd treatment.

— GM